Hector Macbeth 1997 21 Year Old The First Editions

Hector Macbeth 1997 21 Year Old The First Editions

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Hector Macbeth 1997 21 Year Old The First Editions. The term “teaspooning” probably means very little to the average whisky drinker, but for those in the know it refers to the act of adding a teaspoon of one single malt whisky into the barrel of another. For what purpose, you’re probably asking? It’s done before the sale of a barrel to prevent independent bottlers from marketing off the name of the distillery from where it originated. For example, imagine if one of the major Glen distilleries was to sell Mission Wine & Spirits a single barrel of 21 year old single malt, but wanted to ensure that they couldn’t market the whisky as their single malt. By adding a teaspoon of another 21 year old single malt to that single barrel, the whisky would become a blended malt whisky, and no longer a single malt, due to the addition of a second single malt whisky. They would have to call it something like Hector Macbeth 21 year old blended malt whisky as a result, since they wouldn’t be allowed to legally label it as a single barrel of single malt whisky. Hence, this 21 year old cask strength Highland “blended” malt whisky is a rich, vanilla-laden, sweetly-malted, elegant, yet powerful single barrel expression, bottled at cask strength with no water added. Compared to other 21 year old single malts at that age from the Speyside, it’s also a fraction of the price given that they brought it in direct from Scotland.



Size: 70cl 

Alcohol %:  53.6%


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