Scotch Whisky Singapore

Scotch whisky have to be distilled in oak barrels for minimum three years or more. The youngest age of the whisky used to produce the  product will reflect as the age statement of a bottle of scotch whisky.  All whisky with an age statement will be known as guaranteed age whisky, where else those without age statement are know as non age whisky or NAS. At anytime the liquid in a bottle of scotch whisky have to be at least three years old. The minimum bottling strength for a bottle of scotch whisky, according to regulation is 40% alcohol by volume. Scotch whisky are divided into five different categories, they are scotch single malt whisky, single grain scotch whisky, blended malt scotch whisky also know as vetted malt or pure malt, blended grain scotch whisky, and blended scotch whisky. Other categories such as japanese whisky, bourbon whisky, and many more. At alcohol delivery singapore we believe the best.